Lord of the Rings Online puts a fresh coat of paint on old zones

The return of a former Lord of the Rings Online developer has put into motion a gradual revamp of one of the game’s older zones. World Designer Matt Elliott wrote a short dev blog on the forums in which he said that he was given the task to put a “fresh coat of paint” on one of the game’s oldest and most iconic zones.

“There is a lot of love that went into building the landscapes of Eriador, Rhovanion and beyond — but the cracks in the plaster of our earliest regions are showing,” Elliott wrote. “To ramp back into building worlds, I was asked to take a critical look at Breeland and other areas to see what updated design principles and assets could be incorporated into our oldest of homes.”

As part of this project, he has overseen work on Breeland and given it a high-level polish pass that includes better graphics and “a few small surprises” for players to discover. Work will progress to Ered Luin and other parts of the original landscape as time permits

Source: Official forums. ThanksĀ GumpsGang!


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