Pantropy’s second Kickstarter successfully funds and hits five stretch goals along the way


Second time proved to be the charm with Pantropy, as the sci-fi shooter wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign just two months after cancelling its first one. The team was aiming for €20,000 this time around, but shot past that to end up with €74,679 (about $89,011). Not bad for a game about stompy mechs and base building!

Even better, Pantropy’s crowdfunding campaign ended up hitting five stretch goals before it concluded. This means that fans can look forward to more boss creatures, PvE-only servers, a professionally written story, a single-player mode, and (naturally) orbital laser strikes.

“Thanks to all you amazing guys, we have reached our funding goal within 24 hours,” the team announced back at the campaign’s beginning. “That’s amazing and we can’t thank you enough! We can’t wait to have a huge event with all our backers in may and meet you guys in-game.”

Source: Kickstarter
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