Players are running a Secret World Legends PvP event today

Get your PvP on in Secret World Legends, as the player community has put together a weekend Shambala event to see who is the best of the best.

Players in both North America and Europe are encouraged to queue up for the Shambala arena. Winners of the matches are supposed to take screenshots and enter them in to a drawing for fierce glyphs, outfits, and other items donated by Funcom.

There are four categories for this player event: top damage dealt, top damage taken, top healing, and overall score. Good luck!


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Malcolm Swoboda

Just give me a real zone with real mechanics with real rewards. Shambala is barely any of that.

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Tobasco da Gama

I honestly don’t understand why anybody would play TSW or SWL for the PVP.

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Yes, yes, rub it in with the Fusang picture ?

Bruno Brito

Wow, Shambala.
If i wanted to play Enviromental Humping, i would be playing WoW Arenas.