A glitch in Shadow’s Kiss freaked out its own developers


When you’re building a game about bloodsucking undead sex monsters, you probably need to sport a hearty demeanor. But even the makers of Shadow’s Kiss ended up creeping themselves out when some ragdoll physics went awry while placing corpses. Also, “placed corpses” should be an automatic hire on anyone’s résumé.

“We had some challenges with the corpses in the scene,” the team admitted. “The first screenshot shows that when the corpses went to ‘ragdoll’ mode, something terrible happened. It looks like something out of a Clive Barker novel or a failure of the Philadelphia Experiment.”

Steel yourself for the PURE HORROR that awaits you below!

OK, that wasn’t too scary. We probably built that up a little much. Our bad.

Source: Twitter

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I don’t get the fuss. That’s the sort of thing I’d expect to see in a vamp game.

Arcanum Zero

Yeah, not nearly as creepy as the first time you approach a Mass Effect NPC from behind and she turns her head 135 degrees to look at you. Or as terrifying as being killed by a ballistic ribcage someone carelessly left on the floor of a Skyrim barrow.

Video game physics are awesome.


They will always be flawed, better to avoid them.

Bryan Correll

Pfft. Except for the blood I’ve seen more disturbing ragdoll physics results in CoX. Penny Yin tried to stop one of my villains and ended up crumpled on the floor with her neck bent so far back that it was clearly broken. The evil Black Sheep didn’t feel bad about that, but his player did.


A friend of mine and I once put a Riker’s head straight through a table in The Division. Straight through the table I tell you, without even splintering the wood. If that isn’t abuse of secret non-elected governmental power and/or Area 51 alien tech then I don’t know what is.


That would have made Picard really mad.

Kickstarter Donor

Not necessarily. It might’ve been the duplicate Riker created by the transporter interference, who later stole the Defiant from DS9 in order to attack the Cardassians. Picard might want to put his head through the table himself.


Well either way we’ve saved him the trouble :P