A real-life lobbyist is running for the EVE Online CSM

Want politics out of your games? What about politicians? And do you mean it literally? Because… they walk among us.

Kotaku put out a piece over the weekend on Brian Schoeneman, one of the many players currently running for positions on EVE Online’s Council of Stellar Management. It’s basically the student council for the game, only the members could potentially wield considerable influence over the game and have traditionally been flown to Iceland to meet with CCP to advocate for the playerbase, or at least its more powerful factions. So yeah, basically like real life.

Schoeneman, however, made headlines because of his day job: Kotaku characterizes him as a “career politician” and lobbyist.

“If you replace ‘government’ with CCP, ‘union members’ with the playerbase, and ‘country’ with the game world, I’m already basically a CSM,” he reportedly said. “It’s literally my day job.”

Interesting tidbit for old school Star Wars Galaxies players: It sounds as if Schoeneman was also a member of the player senate there too as one of the profession reps.

Refreshingly, he blew off the interviewer’s suggestion that he might be embarrassed about his gaming hobby (he considers himself something of a rank-and-file grunt in the game itself).

“I’m not out getting drunk every night, I’m not cheating on my wife, I’m not paying off hookers $130,000… I’m sitting in my home, playing video games. […] Maybe 20 years ago this would be weird, but given how mainstream gaming has become with Twitch streamers and YouTube stars making millions of dollars, how can anyone say ‘You’re throwing your life away playing these games? I’d rather be attacked for playing EVE than for being a liar, or for doing something truly bad.”

Source: Kotaku via GIbiz
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Max Sand

I gotta give him credit for handling the question about him playing games. It’s not 1985, gaming is not a dirty secret anymore, and he’s right, he is not out partying or having sex scandals so why should any of his constituates care that he winds down after a long day by being a digital spaceman?

Brian W. Schoeneman

I was the Scout Correspondent in SWG from July 2003 to February 2005. After SOE destroyed the game with the NGE nonsense, I started playing EVE instead.

Still miss all my bros on Bloodfin, although many of them are back on the SWGEMU.

Bruno Brito

So, which is worse: Real-life politics or dealing with some of the more malicious players in Eve?

Brian W. Schoeneman

EVE, at worst, is like the comments section on Youtube. Real life is way, way worse.

Bruno Brito

I would actually agree with you before the Swatting news we had in this site not long ago.

Nowadays, it actually feels like sometimes, gamers have quite a bit of power to injure in their hands.

But changing the subject a bit, i hope you get your CSM stuff. Not really into EVE but it seems like you’re passionate about the game.

Brian W. Schoeneman

Thanks – I appreciate it. People can be messed up in a variety of ways, whether gamers or not. So far most of my experiences in EVE have been good. Then again, I am pretty laid back and politics has given me a pretty thick skin.