Check out one determined modder’s Final Fantasy XI retexturing project

You could forget about dying all the time.

For what amounts to a PlayStation 2 game from 16 years ago, Final Fantasy XI looks really good, even now. But… well, that’s the caveat right there, isn’t it? The game was designed for a PlayStation 2 in 2002. It has aged very well, but it’s still an older title with older models and animations and textures. What a good thing, then, that one fan has decided to overhaul all of the textures in the game with an HD texture pack to draw out all of the game’s potential.

You can check out a trailer for the pack just below; the modder, Amelila, had worked on an adaptation of Ronfaure into Skyrim before he realized that the same skills could be used to make FFXI more attractive. Modding the game has always been something that enterprising fans have engaged with, but it’s good to see that even as time has marched onward, fans have continued to find ways to make the game that much prettier.

Source: YouTube via PC Gamer
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Matt Redding

I frequently think it would be fun to revisit FFXI even without interesting things like this mod. However, when I think about all the hassle I would have to go through to recover my old account (and no way would I start over…!!) I just give up. At this point I don’t have the original manuals & reg codes for my account, the email I used back then is defunct. I could probably get somewhere with character name and physical address but yikes so many hoops just to relocate the account and transition it over from a PlayOnline account to a modern squareenix account and THEN I could see if they could recover my character.

Christopher Angeles

I think this would make me resub to FFXI. Im already drooling.

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Ryan Allgood

This totally got me to redownload the game. >_>


fus ro dah!