Overwatch plans second anniversary festivities, legendary edition, and freebie weekend

Dang, can you believe Overwatch is almost two years old? Actually, I can – I’ve definitely been listening to my husband gripe about Blizzard’s algorithms while continuing to play, and it definitely feels like longer than two years in that context!

Blizz sent ’round the deets for its anniversary celebration today; beginning on May 22nd and running through June 11th, the festivities will land on all platforms. Expect the studio to drop 50 new items (including eight legendary skins and three epic skins), plus new dance emotes, the new Petra deathmatch map, a new competitive mode, a rez on the old seasonal brawls in the Arcade, and of course, legendary lootboxes. In fact, you get one of those for free just for logging in.

There’s also a freebie weekend – even on PS4 – running May 25th to 28th. If you don’t already own the game, you’ll want to consider the new “Legendary Edition” releasing on the 22nd; it’ll include 15 skins with the game in a bundle.

Source: Press release, official site
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