A quick look at all the non-main-quest stuff to do in Elder Scrolls Online’s Summerset

Much ink has already been spilled over the headline experience in The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming chapter: Most folks will head to Summerset Isle and plunge straight into the main questline because this is an Elder Scrolls game and that’s just what most people do. But it’s not the only thing to do, and to illustrate that, ZeniMax posted a new dev blog all about the stuff that will occupy your playtime that isn’t just cleaving to the core plot.

Among other bits and bobs, there are six new world bosses to challenge, public event spawns in the form of Abyssal Geysers, six new minidungeons (delves), a classic Elder Scrolls “museum quest” that’ll send you on a hunt for piles of relics, new achievements for extreme crafters, and of course, the two new public dungeons.

“Well hidden from the prying eyes of the law, the pirate cove of Karnwasten has long served as a smuggling hub for Summerset. However, after being betrayed by his first mate, an enterprising Khajiit merchant named Renzir requires your help to recover his goods and locate his lost wife,” says the studio. “The second public dungeon in Summerset is the besieged city of Sunhold. With the majority of the High Elf fleet serving the Aldmeri Dominion, the Sea Elves have invaded the idyllic southern coastal city. Help Kinlady Helenaere repel the ancient enemy, free their prisoners, and save Sunhold.”

And those promised illustrations! The cat, by the way, is a reward for a quest inside Karnwasten.

Don’t forget to poke your head into our Tamriel Infinium column, where our ESO columnist Larry Everett has been chronicling his hands-on time with the chapter on the PTS.

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Cosmic Cleric

That cat’s face …

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

Probably jealous of the Renzir or his wife.

Chosenxeno .

Game needs a VR server…

Bryan Turner

6 Delves seems rather light if you compare that to the original zones.

Kickstarter Donor

Definitely going to hop on board for this one, but I hope there are a lot more of these meaty sidequests to make up for the lack of new features.

Morrowind added a whole new class (three skill lines if you want to count), and a whole new PvP mode: Battlegrounds.

Summerset on the other hand is only adding one new skill line, and jewelry crafting.

Kickstarter Donor
Alex Willis

My great uncle Jack was an Abysmal Geezer.