Grimmwood’s village needs protecting (and beta testers)


In retrospect, it was probably not the brightest of ideas to settle in an abandoned village in the middle of a dark forest full of monsters. But what’s done is done, and now it’s up to you and 29 friends to try to make it work.

This is the premise of Grimmwood, a social multiplayer RPG that works in elements of survival titles, roguelikes, and city builders. It’s not a free-roaming 3-D title but rather a menu-driven experience that plays out a bit like a tabletop RPG. There are choices to be made during the day, including going on expeditions, crafting up tools, and re-enforcing the village. This is all necessary, because every night the monsters come and assail your small outpost.

There’s a really neat alternative 16th century vibe running through this title, and the fact that players have to manage limited action points, their characters’ sanity levels, and actions that could result in permadeath should make for tough choices.

Grimmwood is currently in open beta and can be played for free on Steam.

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Dug From The Earth

Ill post my steam review here:

Where to start.

There are many things about this game I love. Unfortunately, none of those things change how slow and boring this game is.

The Style, Theme, Visuals, Sound Effects, and Concept are all amazing. (side note: This game would have made an AMAZING single player (or even co-op) strategy survival sim like a cross between Darkest Dungeon and Banished. )

However, the games actual mechanics are hindered by a “worse than mobile” stamina system that drastically limits not only how long you can play, but also the flow OF your play. It makes so much of the game feel ridiculous slow paced. We are talking MUCH worse than the first 5 turns in a 4x Strategy game slow here.

Here is a gist of the game: Gather your stuff in town, drink water, make sure you have the supplies you need. Head out of town, exploring each hex of the map. Each hex costs stamina to move to. Search each hex for 1-3 hidden “locations” which also costs stamina. Once found, interact with these 1-3 locations to acquire loot or supplies (also costs stamina). Make sure you have enough stamina to travel through each hex zone back to town, otherwise, be stranded out in the woods until you regain stamina.

Conceptually, this sounds ok, right? It would if it wasnt so ridiculously and painfully slow to regain stamina. You can eat food to instantly get stamina back, but only until you are “Well fed”, then eating more makes you ill. Gathered too many supplies? Moving from hex to hex will cost more stamina. Have a negative effect? More stamina. There are simply too many ways, at too fast a speed to LOSE stamina, than there is to regain it.

This game wants you to play in 15 minute bursts, every 24 hours. The good things about this game make me want to play it, the mechanics of the game say “Nope, only for 15 minutes”.

Thats a bad mobile game

Hell, thats WORSE than a lot of mobile games.

While im sure as this game goes through beta to release, the bugs, tutorial, and such will improve, but much of that really isnt even a problem now. The game is solid as is (minus a couple more tutorials). The only thing I can see come release, is a Real Money store, where you buy stamina to keep playing. If they go that route, thats even more reason not to play.

Lee Baker

I can see them letting you join multiple games in the future like die2nite, the game that inspired grimmwood


Well that’s too bad. Guess I’ll pass.

Avalon Alduin

I’m very intrigued, the premise behind the idea is sound, the fact that it’s not really an action game though, makes me believe they probably could have done it as a browser game.

I think I’m going to give it a try though and see where it takes me.

Rheem Octuris

It looks interesting but a lot of the reviews say that the game is utterly slow and a lot of thing don’t seem impactful.