OrbusVR sends players up to the Necropolar


The next set of quests for OrbusVR takes players up to the frozen wasteland known as the Necropolar. As you can probably imagine, it’s called that because it’s cold (hence polar) and people die there (hence necro). And players will find themselves getting a slow frost-damage debuff the longer they stay out in the open, although the debuff can be chased away by standing near the various campfires dotting the landscape.

Note that we said “near,” not “in.” Standing in the campfire will cure the cold debuff at the price of a very different debuff, specifically being on fire.

Of course, the new region isn’t the only change made to the game with the latest patch. The full notes also include adjustments to PvP combat and player slowing effects, along with new storage tabs for player chests, new improvements to potions, and more mechanical adjustments for pets. You’ll have to focus on staying warm in the new region, yes, but there’s plenty to enjoy even when you’re sure that you aren’t about to freeze.