Sea of Thieves’ new ‘open and closed crews’ patch is meant to allay brig griefers


Yo-ho, Sea of Thieves captains. The latest game patch is giving you more control over who exactly is on your boat thanks to the “Open and Closed Crews” system implemented this morning. You’ll use “Open” when you’re game for a PUG and “Closed” when you just want to sail the seas with your mates with no intruders or replacements. Eventually, the game will even allow folks to block their own friends from joining (if you really need some serious alone-time, I guess) as well as flip between the types on the fly.

“We hope this mitigates one of the key reasons for people misusing the brig and will be monitoring this closely,” Rare says. (You’ll recall that brig-griefers claimed they were doing it because they wanted to bring their friends into their group, something easily rectified before by simply gathering said friends before queuing, so yeah, we’ll see.)

What else is in the patch? The studio’s added basic trading of items like bananas and cannon balls, fixed tags underwater, added new sound effects, tweaked some in-game prices, improved drops at higher ranks, and fixed a ton of nasty bugs, including the one that was delaying achievements and commendations.

The servers were up early, it’s true, but then came right back down for a hotfix:

Update: And here’s the dev update video out now:

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Apparently handing items over to others has been disabled for the time being due to some issues it was causing.

Dug From The Earth

I wonder if it made you auto equip the item you were given…

Board an enemy player ship… sneak up behind him… give him a banana, laugh as he tries to shoot you with it.

Stephen Donohue

” something easily rectified before by simply gathering said friends before queuing, so yeah, we’ll see.”

Here’s the thing though, even if you form a premade with friends, and then one of them loses connection to the server, it could place a random in their spot before they were able to rejoin. Without the ability to kick, locking them in the brig and hoping they’d leave was kind of the only option, so yeah.

Patreon Donor

would’ve liked to allow randoms into our parties now and then but unfortunately every time we’ve done so since shortly after launch they’ve done their utmost to get brigged asap so they can sit in there afk leeching rewards.

often starts with them firing cannonballs repeatedly at nothing as soon as they join, or eating all the bananas as fast as they can.

so this is super welcome to us, which really could still be better system for it all but this will do in the meantime as the previous system sucked.

anyways this happened a couple days ago and it was hilarious: