The Daily Grind: Have you ever walked away from an MMO over a studio’s treatment of its playerbase?

Star Wars Galaxies’ NGE is one of the MMORPG genre’s favorite bugbears: We pull it out as a warning, a label of doom, every time we see a game studio doing something that will upset so many players that it could actually tank the game. We pulled it out for Funcom when it abandoned The Secret World in favor of Secret World Legends, certainly; the fact that so many core MMORPG players meekly accepted that Funcom would trade them for a chance at a totally different playerbase – at the expense of veteran characters and loyal income – continues to baffle me.

This is probably why I was soured on playing Conan Exiles this weekend. I’m extremely distrustful after the way Funcom once again sacrificed one playerbase to secure another, even if the impact wasn’t felt quite as widely as in TSW or SWG. Of course, Conan Exiles is not an MMO, and as MOP’s MJ reminds me, I can always go play on a private server and avoid the studio’s blundering entirely. Would that TSW and SWG fans had that option!

Have you ever walked away from an MMO over a studio’s treatment of its playerbase?

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Daedalus Machina

Many many MANY times. My KeePass database is littered with archived old MMO accounts from still-active MMOs that cannibalized their existing playerbase for profit.

SkyForge (and anything by MyCom) is the biggest offender. What an absolute dumpster fire and a damn shame considering how unique/different it was at launch. The ‘Ascension’ patch was the ‘NGE’ of that game.

There are others, but I’d like to move on past them if possible.

Nathan Aldana



Archeage. Damn Trion and what they did, I will never play one of their games ever again.
They took something which was shaping up to be fun and enjoyable and playable by lots of people and destroyed that possibility almost overnight right after launch chasing whales, p2w and all the other bull they allowed to slide and didn’t give a crap about.


I walked away from Age of Conan because when it went free to play, it took away your access to expansions that you already owned. If you wanted to access them, you had to pay for them all over again.
I also walked away from Rift, but that was mostly due to a “bad” experience with customer service. I had an issue with paying for my account and contacted them, got back the reply “You need an account in order to subscribe to the game”. No shit, I’d also need an account to contact customer support in the first place.

I don’t think changing the game, or changing the classes, really counts as devs treating its playerbase badly. Everything changes with time, what attracted customers to a game when I was a teen may not be what attracts teens today. Insisting that devs never evolve their game in any manner is unreasonable. Also, fact is, just because devs change a game in a way that I personally don’t like, doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily bad and wrong.

Kickstarter Donor

Yep. ArcheAge.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

I stopped playing Eden Eternal when they blocked my account for a “lack of purchase activity” or words to that effect, the remedy was to make an international call to the US helpdesk number to get the account re-activated. Just no.


I feel like it’s obvious to say, but Destiny 2/Bungie… Not likely to give them money ever again…

Cosmic Cleric

Have you ever walked away from an MMO over a studio’s treatment of its playerbase?

Yep, SoE/SWG, for obviously reasons. A MMO company should be trusted enough NOT to change gameplay that radically, post release. That’s why we have a Beta testing phase (or used to, at least).

Blizzard/WoW, over selling flying mounts for a new expansion that you could not use to fly in the new expansion zones with, very unethical. Also their about face on flying in general, after having embrased it for so long.

Also, again, Blizzard/WoW over the radical changes to my ten year plus primary class. A MMO company should be trusted enough NOT to change a class that radically, post release (there’s other ways to fix heal sniping in raids).

Overall, it kind of basically comes down to a betrayal of my trust in MMO companies, for my time spent in their virtual worlds, when they takes things away, or make radical changes.

Finally, I hate it that it seems like that the modern generation of players really are ok/accepting of being a MMO company’s (-insert profane word here-). We’ve lost something as a society, because of that. :(


Ditched SWL was not a fan. Funcom should have been honest and just said they wanted to monetise everything, the recent Conan muck up didn’t help. Quit WoW after Cata, dreadful expansion.

I’ll just stay subbed to ESO.

Loyal Patron

GW2 .. I used to be a WvW player but it was just PITA to play. They promised to enhance things … I guess in the end they did something. I talked to some of my old WvW peeps but to little to late tbh.