Tree of Savior vows ‘intense balancing changes’ for healers and archers are on the way

When last we checked in with Tree of Savior, it was in the middle of a nine-week anniversary event with free DLC, quest, and gear – in fact, that event is technically still running for another week or two. In the meantime, IMCGames is promising “intense balancing changes” coming in the next update.

First up? Healing. The current mechanics encouraged support classes to ingore healing skills because of their poor scaling. But “after this update, the amount of HP restored will depend not on the receiver’s maximum HP but on the caster’s healing abilities and skill level,” the studio says. “The efficacy of healing skills, then, will be based on your Healing stat and the skills’ own heal factors.”

There’s also a massive list of skill changes coming for nearly every class; while many tweaks are to healer and archer skills, there’s plenty more to be had, including straight-up brand-new skills for a few classes, like the Kabbalist and Wugushi. The Druid’s Lycanthropy set is due for an overhaul as well.

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Bruno Brito

But they can’t give you any kind of respeccing/reskilling.


But they are? Two stat, skill, and attribute resets to Archers and Clerics. There’s also a recent permanent addition that always you to undo your latest subclass choice whenever (just removes skill levels gained as that subclass).

Bruno Brito

I’m saying inside the game. Reworks are supposed to reset everything anyway.
But outside these events, you can’t reset stuff, nor can you reroll your classes. Which means if your class gets the short end of the stick, tough break. Better to reroll a alt.

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I find it odd that healing wasn’t set up that way in the first place.