Wild West Online adjusts balance while planning for future patches

That may have been too fast.

Whether or not you think that Wild West Online rushed into launch, you can probably agree that the game has some mechanical issues it still needs to work out. So it’s good to see that there are several fixes and improvements in the latest patch, like placing the traveling gun salesman out in the world twice a week with a clear icon while also reducing the cost of several items. There are also several bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, exactly what any soul meandering through the wastelands of the West would like to see.

You can also take heart in knowing that the team already has a list of other priority items to address in the next patch, like refunding any real money spent on Plantation decorations and adding them for all players to purchase, offering better PvP rewards, and offering more wood spawns. Nothing on there about other big-ticket items (you can probably think of some), but it’s a start.

Source: Steam
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Basically they’ve got nothing but an uphill battle and chances are that the game could very well be dead in the water if they launched this in such a crappy state due to needing $$$ to keep it going. Wish them luck because it would be nice to have a good Wild West game that isn’t RDR, but not going to get my hopes up.


We don’t think it was rushed to release, we know it was rushed to release.

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Until they add female avatars, these notes are just getting a skim while I play other things. I can’t believe they didn’t add females! This is the modern world, but makes me wonder if the dev’s brains are in the Wild West.


PvP rewards. I killed someone and got an apple.

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[Had to do it] :P