Hearthstone reveals the next round of nerfs that are on their way

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In a game like Hearthstone, the job of balancing cards will never, ever be done. So if you like titles with stability and permanence, don’t play digital card games is what we’re saying. With this in mind, Blizzard revealed the next round of “balance changes” that will be coming in a future patch.

The studio calls it balance, but the reality is that all of these changes are either nerfs to a card’s ability or an increase in the cost of the cards to better match the effect that it causes. Cards like Naga Sea Witch, Spiteful Summoner, Possessed Lackey, and Call to Arms are all going to cost more (a lot more in the case of the Witch), while Dark Pact is going to restore less health and The Caverns Below will create weaker minions.

Adjust your builds and meta outlook accordingly.

Source: Hearthstone
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I think this is the first time that Blizz has ever nerfed a card that’s been in Wild, (Naga Sea Witch). I don’t play that much Wild but have run across a couple druids/warlocks playing it and it was not fun.
The Dark Pact and Call to Arms nerfs are fair too. Other than that everything else is status quo imo.