Lord of the Rings Online’s 2018 roadmap includes a huge northern expansion and seasonal instances

Don’t call it a full-fledged expansion, but Lord of the Rings Online’s next content update may be nearing that level of content and focus.

Standing Stone Games Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini posted a roadmap to the community today that laid out the rest of 2018 and beyond for the Middle-earth MMO. Ciccolini said that the team will be delaying the release of Minas Morgul in order to properly flesh up the rest of North Rhovanion over the next couple of updates. This includes a huge addition to the game with the Iron Hills and Grey Mountains regions, a level cap increase to 120, another part of the Black Book of Mordor epic storyline, an instance cluster, and a new raid.

LOTRO’s team will also take a “holistic view” of class balance over the next year as adjustments and improvements are worked into the game. Other projects include the ability to show sheathed musical instruments and brand-new seasonal instances. The first two of these instances are coming with the summer festival, including a Thrang fight and a “Perfect Picnic” challenge.

Ciccolini also teased Bingo Boffin instances for the fall festival and “several significant initiatives” that are still in the works.

Source: LOTRO. Thanks GumpsGang!
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