Trove hauls out a small patch while the community goes crazy over gem rumors

Trove’s May update is here and threatens to undo the very foundations of the game, starting with the change from cube voxels to geodesic spheres. Oh, the blockmanity!

Actually, the real patch is nothing quite so radical. Trion decided to retire some items from Chaos Chests, added a new set of dream dev allies, provided more information on the welcome screen for events and changes, and made a number of other adjustments to the crazy sandbox.

While that’s happening, the playerbase is trying to sort through rumors that Trion is doing… something with gems. Adding a new tier? Introducing a different type? Giving players alternative ways to make and collect them? It’s not completely certain, but there is movement on this front. Check out the video below for more speculation on the matter!

Source: Patch notes

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Probably has something to do with how to squeeze more cash out of people.

I really liked this game a lot and subbed to it when I played, but it seemed the added gem system (complexity) was there just to make more money. It could be a cool system if it was designed purely to make the game better, but it feels like it was designed to add monetization.


When can we have an update for the Builders?