Age of Conan celebrates its tenth birthday by throwing lions at everyone


Ten years of live operation, and Conan still looks like someone killed his puppy. Maybe you need a new hobby, Mr. The Barbarian? We hear there’s this new sandbox survival game out right now that’s pretty hot.

Anyway, Age of Conan is officially 10 years old this month, and to celebrate the occasion, Funcom is throwing players to the lions. Er, wait, that’s not right. They’re throwing lions at the players. Still sounds unsafe, but no matter. Anyone who logs in between now and June 5th will receive their own totally safe, no training necessary Golden Lion of Aquilonia mount.

The anniversary event also includes new daily rewards, an extra raid finder chest that can be opened every day, the addition of the Black Ring Citadel to the raid finder, several quality-of-life changes (such as being able to disable PvE XP), and the return of Shadows of the Past and Acheronian Soul classic content.

Source: Age of Conan
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Daedalus Machina

Just gonna leave this here.
Enjoy ^_^.

PS @ Funcom: If any of you come across this. Please make a ‘Wrathamon’ pet in the game. Put it in the shop or something if you want. I’d buy that for (more than) a dolla :)

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He has that look because his parents took away his smart phone for the duration of the party.

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Just popping in to say I love the “Birthdays… phooey” header image. :)


ok, ok sing along, I know you know it!