Overwatch is getting official Nerf guns next year

Overwatch is getting official Nerf guns next year

It may be that your biggest irritation is that there are times in the day when you cannot play Overwatch and thus have no way to shoot people with Overwatch firearms. Fortunately, that shan’t be a problem next year, as Blizzard is partnering with Hasbro to bring a line of Overwatch-themed blasters to the Nerf Rival line. (That’s the “upscale” Nerf assortment so that you can pretend you’re not playing with a toy made for five-year-olds, for people who like toys but are insecure about buying or owning them.)

No word on what the assortment will include, but you’ll be able to officially carry a gun modeled after your favorite characters! Assuming your favorite characters have a traditional gun, anyway. So probably nothing for Doomfist, Genji, Bastion, Hanzo, Junkrat, Mei, Reinhardt, Brigitte, Orisa, Torbjorn, Moira, Zenyatta, or Lucio. But everyone else can get something! (Slap a sticker on one of the few dozen Nerf bows for Hanzo, it’ll work.)

Source: Twitter via Polygon

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Dak Thulhu

Honestly, I don’t know why they wouldn’t make one for Junkrat – sure, he’s not a HUGE favorite, but they’ve already got similarly functioning NERF guns. It wouldn’t fire true to the game but I doubt Reaper’s shotgun would come with some manner of NERF buckshot :P

Totally not a Junkrat Main


Pretty fun little idea. If they are half way to scale, the cosplay folks will like getting their hands on them and painting/modding them I bet.