EVE Online explains the terrors and thrills of Abyssal Deadspace

Succeed or die trying: That’s the attitude you’ve got to have when heading into EVE Online’s new Abyssal Deadspace instances this summer.

CCP explained what these unique packets of space-time contain and what players can do in them when the Into the Abyss expansion lands: “Abyssal Deadspace is a new type of encounter in EVE focused around short session solo gameplay, with some very ‘EVE‘ type opportunities for interaction. As a player you are making a series of strategic decisions that are different each session. You build up mastery between sessions by learning the patterns in the abyss. If you do well you will be rewarded, if not; you die.”

Essentially, Abyssal Deadspace are 20-minute PvE encounters that are made up of three pockets linked together. All of these must be cleared within the 20-minute time limit or else the player’s ship will be crushed. CCP said that it focused on “replayability” as a key design guideline for the instances that will be a little random and challenging as to shake up the PvE experience. There will even be five different types of weather and absolutely gargantuan asteroids to encounter.

Rewards for conquering such instances include Triglavian ships, bluepriints, filaments, and Mutaplasmids.

Source: EVE Online
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