WildStar’s residential renovation event returns


WildStar’s residential renovation event, first introduced back in summer 2017, is making a return for another short-lived run. Considering how many players feel that the housing system is WildStar’s greatest strength, there are sure to be quite a few people interested in participating.

The gist of the event is that players are given certain tasks to complete in their housing instances. Successful tasks earn tokens, which can then be turned in for limited-time rewards.

This time around, there are new rewards to chase: “Do your part to aid in the production of Sara’s broadcast by completing a series of home improvement tasks and she’ll reward you with Home Renovation Guides which you can turn in for the Exo-Lab and Shrine décor sets — two bundles of fantastic collectibles previously offered as part of the Sim Chase collection.”

The event is scheduled from May 18th through the 25th.

Source: WildStar
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I have been thinking about getting back into Wildstar, but I wouldn’t do it for anything housing related. I never saw the point of housing in this game. The only thing I liked about it was that it gave players a quick way to “hearth” back and forth from the various zones.

In my view, more MMOs ought to emphasize housing as a sheerly practical matter: simplifying travel, which is a big weak spot in most of the MMOs I have played (GW2 excepted, of course … Waypoints rule, if only there were more of them!).


Y’know what? I’m actually gonna go check this out. Wish me luck!