Legion: The Eternal War’s evil magic pits Elves against Humans


Here’s an indie MMORPG that you may not have known about before this week. Legion: The Eternal War is a small title that’s been in development for a while by Nexus Division, but as of late the project seems to have picked up pace.

The setting of the game involves a world where formerly united Elves and humans have become bitter enemies thanks to the introduction of magic by some sinister crystals into the world. “The game will be filled with entertaining stories, rewarding progression systems, and refined mechanics,” the team wrote. “All of this is presented to produce a memorable experience highlighted by social interaction and nail-biting tension.”

The dev team is staking the game’s future on systems such as player housing, an expansive fantasy world, PvP, character customization, a wide array of magic, wars with guilds, and alliances. Last December, the team showed off a few prototypes of the different biomes that players might find in the game.

Source: Legion. Thanks Francis!
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The competitive PvP factions part of the game makes me want to say “pass”. I’m looking for good co-op and story based stuff. Though I have played some factional PvP games that I’ve liked okay so I’ll keep an ear out to see how they’re going to do it but I doubt it will be for me.

Normally in MMORPGs PvP is ruled by those who either sit online playing all day, or those who spend the most money. I don’t respect that type of PvP at all. I do respect it in games like Fortnite where everybody is equal, but not MMORPG PvP in which those jobless people who can sit in chairs the longest have a massive advantage (either that or the straight out Pay to Win PvP style that the majority of mobile PvP games use now).

It’s why MMORPG PvP will probably never be for me, though there could be level divisions and certain things that could make it work. It’s hard to reward those who want to spend all day playing *and* those who can’t both. I’m sure someone can figure out a good system one of these days though.

So like I said, I’ll keep an ear out but I doubt it will be for me :D