Conan Exiles defies the odds to regain most of its early access playerbase


Launch has been kind to Funcom’s survival sandbox Conan Exiles. According to GitHyp (via VG247), the game has defied the odds to rebound.

“Most games that lose 95% of their players in such a short time span aren’t ever able to recover even half of their player base ever again – even when going free-to-play,” the analytics tracker’s blog says,” but even when charging 40 bucks, Conan Exiles regained almost all of its original playerbase, flying back up to almost 50K concurrency after spending a year at the 3K mark. GitHyp attributes the success to Funcom’s “committment to improving the game,” but we suspect Funcom’s extensive media blitz had a lot to do with it too.

The title saw a small patch on PC Friday with bug fixes and the new AFK system; that same patch rolled out to console this morning.

MOP has sent two writers into the depths of Conan’s world since launch: One had little bad to say save for criticism over Funcom’s handling of PvE-C servers, while the other praised how far the game had come since its first steps into early access and said it had “won [him] over.”

Source: GitHyp via VG247
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