Neverwinter details the cursed lands of Ravenloft and Barovia zone

This is fine.
The world of Ravenloft is a perfectly nice place to visit in Neverwinter. There are slight caveats, of course; to really enjoy it you just have to make sure you plan on never leaving. Or never being free of horrors in the middle of the night. Or shrieking terrors in the middle of the day. Or ever-present, all-surrounding mists. So it’s actually not very nice at all and you can’t visit, because once you’re there you’re there forever. Helpfully, this is all explained in the latest lore entry on the official site.

Players will be chasing on the trail of the legend of Strahd, a nobleman who gave the nomadic Vistaria free passage through his lands (sounds like a decent guy) and also damned himself and everyone near him to an eternity of torment (less decent). If you’re unfamiliar with the Ravenloft setting, it’s a good quick primer about why the members of your immediate friend circle who are familiar with it respond to requests to enter with a flip-off and a laugh.

PWE has also released a dev blog today as well detailing the Barovia zone coming in the update, chiefly from a technical and design standpoint.

“One of the aspects of the zone that changed the most early in development was the layout and general features of the terrain. The Village of Barovia was originally on the eastern edge of the zone. We wanted players to get right into their questing the moment they loaded in. We moved it a bit more to the middle to allow for a more cinematic reveal of Castle Ravenloft and the village. Then, we moved it even more to the middle so that none of the questing neighborhoods felt much farther than the others. We didn’t want players to feel that getting a quest in one section of the zone was inherently less fun because of travel time. Balancing the need for quick access to questing and enjoyable questing once you’ve started was something that we had to playtest until it felt right. Rapidly iterating on the core concept of a feature early in development is crucial to getting the best result at the end.”

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Brown Jenkin

Ugh, this is almost enough to bring me back to Neverwinter. Ravenloft is by far my favorite setting in D&D and Neverwinter really is a very fun game… but that progression model is truly heinous. In many ways Neverwinter just feels kind of shallow as an MMO, which is an absolute shame since so much of its roots are awesome (the combat is A+ for instance).


I COMPLETELY agree! The combat is so much fun that I can ALMOST overlook the absolutely insane grind at endgame.

The grind is REAL.

David Goodman

When I played Ravenloft in DDO, my first thought was, “Man these guys resort to cannibalism way faster than you would think necessary.” I hope it’s similar in Neverwinter :)

Bruno Brito

The combat is great…but sadly it’s all that actually redeem this game. For a D&D game, it has extremely little character building, the grind is terrible and the P2W is disgusting.


Brown Jenkin

Yep, so sad as quality combat is like a cornerstone of a good MMO… but somehow Neverwinter manages to fail at practically every other aspect of gameplay.