RuneScape drops a big quality-of-life patch with plenty of cherry blossoms

Oh, all right.

Sometimes, you need to stop and smell the cherry blossoms. Which is a bit of an odd thing to do in Britain, the home of RuneScape developer Jagex; it’s not really known as a place filled with cherry blossoms. Just the same, that’s the theme behind bonus items offered up for any purchase of RuneCoins from today until June 3rd. One of the items you can pick up is a Cherry Blossom Parasol, which may not have a great deal of function to it but should still be very pleasant to tote around.

Of course, the newest patch itself falls into a similar category; it’s all about quality of life improvements from top to bottom, including fixing bugs with four-tick auto attacking and improving the visuals on lodestones. So expected to see the word “fixed” and “corrected” a lot in the patch notes. But that should improve your overall quality of life, so while it’s not new content, the sentiment should still be appreciable.