Ship of Heroes discusses milestones and communication, plus we’ve got new day/night screenies


The transparency that comes with crowdfunded and indie MMORPGs is awesome – when everything is going to plan. But what about when it isn’t? That’s what Ship of Heroes has addressed in a new forum post today. Heroic Games’ Casey McGeever explains that the studio’s milestone schedule is an internal tool, helping the team figure out what to do next when it gets ahead or falls behind. And fortunately, he doesn’t think the players freak out when the schedule goes awry.

“We don’t feel a lot of negative feedback from the community when we miss a milestone,” he writes. “And of course, we try to set the milestones so that we can achieve them. But we have missed a few — We’re late right now on delivering a new powerset and our date for the login test is slipping into June because we have people who come into and out of the project. Our core is a group of unpaid volunteers, supplemented by committed contractors. But people, resources and technical issues arise in every project — even if a big firm like Google or Microsoft is doing the project. The point of our schedule is to communicate to you all of you, our community, what we are trying to do and to enable you to understand what is happening at any time. To show what we are focused on at the moment.”

Right now, he explains, the team is working on the diurnal cycle, a login test, more mission maps, costumes, PopcornFX for superpowers, NPC civilians, and optimization. In fact, the studio has shared with us some brand-new screenshots (the devs know how much I like new screenshots!) of the effects of the game’s diurnal cycle. Enjoy!

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Liking what I see so far. SoH once again proving it is far ahead of the other City of Heroes successors.

IronSalamander8 .

Wow. Those shots remind me of good ol’ CoH in a very good way. I mean they are higher quality but they have that ‘feel’ which I love.

It’s looking good. With the coverage you guys have had lately on CoX and the inheritors like this one I’ve been pining to jump back into CoH but of course I can’t. >.<


Definitely the ‘feelz’.