Star Wars: The Old Republic doubles your rewards with its latest patch

Have a free sword! Wait.
The latest patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic is doubling your rewards. Your experience? Doubled. Command XP? Also doubled. Other things? Doubled. Incoming damage? Probably not doubled, because that’s not a reward, that’s an impediment to a reward. But the ongoing events of the game are also doubled, as the patch turns on the Nar Shadda Nightlife event as well. So you still get more doubling. Double everything.

And it can continue. For example, guess how many fixes were added for The Nathema Conspiracy? Double that number, there are a lot of fixes. (If you guessed the right amount initially, please halve that number, then double it. We have a theme going.) It all coincides nicely with the latest movie to hit the screen, so enjoy some extra rewards, have fun in Nar Shadda, and have fun repeating the word “double” until it loses all meaning.

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