The Daily Grind: Do you feel an obligation to ‘finish’ the MMOs you start, even if it feels like ‘homework’?


A quote from legendary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro I saw on Twitter the other day is fast on the way to becoming my mantra. io9 transcribed a Q&A del Toro had with an audience there to hear about his book; someone asked him about the video games he played (apparently he’s making games now too). He listed off a ton of games from multiple genres, but apparently, he doesn’t care to finish everything.

“He plays a ton of games, though he doesn’t finish anything he doesn’t like — and this holds true for books, film, whatever. ‘If it doesn’t engage me, I leave it,’ he said. ‘I do not do homework with my life.'”

Oh hell yes. This! This! I freaking hate games that feel like homework, and MMOs can be egregious offenders. Consequently, I’ve tried a lot of the stuff I’ve bought on Steam, but I no longer feel an obligation to finish anything. If it wants me badly enough, it’ll keep me, I have no doubt. Of course, you can’t really “finish” an MMORPG, but there’s probably a point at which you can get close enough to feel as if you’ve done it all, so I think it can still apply. So: Do you feel an obligation to “finish” the MMOs you start? Bonus question: Can you think of a specific MMO or moment that felt like “homework”?

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I’ve never felt any obligation to “finish” any game I play. If I enjoy it, chances are I’ll keep on playing it and if I run out of things to do then I might start working on achievement-type shit just to give me some direction.

But, I’ve never been an achievement hunter. I prefer setting my own goals. I can’t think of a single game that I’ve 100% completed. I think the closest I ever came was Tony Hawks 4 where I came very close to 100%, but two gaps bugged out.

Bango on Laurelin

I used to, but not any more. I just don’t have the inclination now to do anything that doesn’t feel like fun. What helped was when I gave up worrying about the “meta” and whether I was keeping up with the gear curve. Life is just too short.


Nope – in fact it’s extremely rare I finish a game. Probably the highest compliment I can pay to any game is whether or not I’ve finished it. I’m struggling to think of the last game I finished… I know I finished Dishonoured and all its DLC… but the second one, I got bored :(


Usually, no. If I finish a game, even a flawed one, it’s usually because there is at least some redeeming qualities. I think the most recent exception was The Last Guardian, a game I wanted to love as much as I love ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. But despite the things I did like or even love about it, playing it honestly felt like a chore.

But, usually, no. If I’m not enjoying a game, I don’t play it. Certainly not MMOs. Which, unfortunately, has led to me sometimes let people down when I’ve had to tell friends or groups that depended on me that I was going to quit.

As for the bonus question .. most MMOs feel like homework to me, eventually, since so many MMOs are built around an “end-game” these days. The most recent, heinous example for me is WoW. The grind that started once you got a character to level 110 was something I couldn’t stand.

Toy Clown

Games that have too many repetitious and monotonous activities, especially when they’re disguised as dailies, really chaff at my brain! For the most part, if I find myself falling into gameplay like this without a way out, I’m out of there and I don’t go back unless I hear a change has happened.

There is an exception to this. For example, I spent around six months collecting wood for the largest ship in BDO. Most mornings I would log in for 30-60 min and chop wood. I did it in small increments so I wouldn’t burn out. I found it repetitive and monotonous, but there was a huge reward at the end of it, so I did a little math and made goals that wouldn’t make me want to shoot myself in the head, and got it done.

I just hate when dailies end up that way and the repetitive nature of those do cause me to cancel my subs, or stop playing a F2P game and not look back.

Bryan Correll

There was a time I would stubbornly keep at games I wasn’t enjoying out of some misplaced desire for accomplishment. Now I’ll have a go at parts of a game I don’t love so much as long as it leads to greater enjoyment out of what I do like. But if I’m flat-out not liking a game I ain’t sticking around cause there’s plenty of other things I can do with my time.


My current SWL playthrough is my fourth, so I guess I do.

Roger Melly

I think I can be a bit like that with lotro from time to time . Parts of the game sometimes seem a real slog but once I am passed certain areas I find myself really enjoying the experience again . I often just watch something on netflix or listen to an audiobook when its like that .

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I never feel any obligation to finish a game. This is my entertainment. If it’s not entertaining me, I move on. I have some level of tolerance for tedium in a game as long as it is outweighed by enjoyment in the bigger picture. The moment I feel the balance shift I move on to something else.

This doesn’t mean I’ll never play the game again, it may just be that I’m bored with the range of activities that particular game offers, and some time away from it will eventually make its gameplay feel interesting again, and I’ll come back. That pattern actually happens to me with most MMOs I play, even my favorites.

Bruno Brito

You know that phrase: “When you love what you do, you’ll never work one day in your life”?

Yeah, that’s bullshit. I don’t know about Del Toro, but EVERYTHING becomes a obligation sometimes, because we are creatures of moods.

Now, i’m not saying you will hate the entire game, but everything you do will have a aspect you don’t enjoy, and you’ll pretty much have to go through it sometime.