Entropia Universe studio wants to let us live on forever inside an MMO – literally

Hooray, the world is awful.
If you’re a fan of Altered Carbon or Westworld, you’re going to love what MindArk says it’s working on: The Entropia Universe studio aims to use the game as a “potential reality where human consciousness can be inserted into virtual characters, making it possible to continue to live on as an Avatar well after their human body has passed.” I am not making this up.

“Although full realization of transplanted artificial intelligence is still some time away, MindArk is preparing to use advanced artificial intelligence data to create virtual avatars based on the consciousness of real people. MindArk is closely following the work of pioneering scientists within the field of ‘Mind Uploading’ which includes research from Princeton University, Oxford University and other institutions. The company is already testing new technology to create more realistic gaming experiences, and is establishing itself as a leader in the virtual space where digital consciousness can be paired with artificial intelligence. This will open new possibilities for what it means to live on after life is over.”

In other words, an MMORPG company is spending resources trying to make sci-fi a reality – “cultivating online immortality” – so we can live forever.

“With a well-established virtual presence that spans decades, Entropia Universe is the prime destination for making science fiction a reality and ‘uploading’ volunteer’s brain data to allow them to live on for eternity in the online universe,” MindArk CEO Henrik Nel says.

I mean, if I have to live forever, would I want it to be in Entropia? Because I’m not sure it would be on this planet, and most gameworlds are even more terrifying? How farfetched is all this? Is it too soon to make permadeath jokes? And while I’m wondering out loud, is it appropriate to file this under “expansions and patches” if it’s a patch on life itself?

Source: Press release

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Arsin Halfmoon

I dont want to be “that guy”, but what is that AI copy of you? Is that really you or an imitation?


“is it too soon to make permadeath jokes?” – lol! highlight of the article :P

Adam Russell

And then the nerfs hit – but you cant jump ship for another game.


Also sounds like about at least 10 seperate anime series..

That said i have long been a proponent if this kind of technology being developed abd support it fully be it for the elderly/sick(see black mirror) to general use for entertainment(.HACK, SAO among MANY others) to dealing with natural disasters(ZEGAPAIN) to moving humanity into space on a sattelite(Expelled From Paradise) to one i have not seen which us using digitization for deep space travel

The potential is limitless and i cannot wait .though i do feel a bit early and would prefer endless possibilities or the ability to swap game universes ala ready play one.

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“In other words, an MMORPG company is spending resources…”

could also read

“In other words, an MMORPG company read an article on the subject and is a huge fan of tv shows…”

Toy Clown

At least it’s not another article about them needing a kickstarter!

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Sounds like the Black Mirror episode, “San Junipero”. Weird.


Figures, the MMO that wants us to live forever is a very p2w one.

Max Sand

This is how the Matrix happens.

A Dad Supreme

– so we can live forever.

Oleg Chebeneev

We are waaaaaay too far away from this. We dont even know how human brain works for the most part. So any attempts of mind transfer in near future will fail miserably.

What really happens is they are exploiting sci-fi idea that grew popular thanks to recent movies (I wouldnt name Westworld – its totally different. More appropriate is Black Mirror’s episode “San Junipero”) and trying to get free press attention for their project. Now looking at MoP coverage, this is where they succeed.

ps/ which MMO would you transfer your mind for living eternity would be a nice question for Daily Grind. If it wasnt asked yet.

Kevin Jennings

Wizard 101 :-)


It’s not just that we don’t know how the brain really works yet. We have no clue what consciousness is either, or even if it really exists. There are some folks who believe that we have the ability to choose (free will) and others who think that everything we do is a response to how we are programmed by genetics and our environment.

Is is thought, or instinct?

I’ve given this some thought, and really the best we can hope for in the foreseeable future is to make simulations of human intelligence/people. If we can make really good simulations, then they’ll be indistinguishable from the real thing.

Uploading, I doubt very much is actually possible. Until at least we understand the nature of consciousness.


It is totally science fiction, however- assuming that a mind is a complex interaction of physical properties (brains) should allow the replication of a mind, in theory, without needing to understand what consciousness is.