Lord of the Rings Online continues to iterate on its class change patch, extends spring festival

The third build of Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 22.2 is now up on the test server, and players can preview it to see how Standing Stone Games is reacting to the testing and feedback of all of the class changes that are coming with this patch.

Hunters received a “more substantial” balance pass this time around, with more changes to focus generation and skill inductions. Lore-masters will rejoice to see the return of a changed Wizard’s Fire, while Minstrels might not be so pleased to see that their cries and calls have an increased cooldown. The patch also factors in the low-level anniversary scavenger hunts and featured challenge quests for certain instances.

And even if it’s starting to feel more like summer than winter outside, you can hang on to the vestiges of the verdant months with the extended encore of LOTRO’s Spring Festival. The event ends on May 30th.

Source: Patch notes

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I find it funny that the developers talk about balancing classes together but incrementally as an inferior alternative. In my mind this is how it should always be done.

Nothing was more frustrating to me than playing a class (and I ALWAYS pick THAT class it seems) that doesn’t get it’s balance pass until 8 months to over a year after EVERY SINGLE OTHER F’ING class already got theirs.

Looking at you Blizzard … you asshats.