Sea of Thieves pushes out improvements while suiting up for The Hungering Deep


If you thought that Sea of Thieves offered a fun but rather shallow gameplay experience, you may want to start putting on that diving bell to go down into the depths with next week’s Hungering Deep content update.

Before that happens, however, there’s today’s Patch 1.0.8, which is more focused on small but useful improvements to the game. The 800 MB patch includes the ability to abandon voyages, set aim sensitivity, toggle color blind options, find more lore books, and experience better visual effects. Also: “The unsettling sound of a squawking chicken whilst caged is now… more bearable.”

Rare is obviously priming the community for The Hungering Deep and is running a small event leading up to it. The studio released both a developer update video and a teaser trailer for the free DLC. There’s also movement toward resurrecting the pioneer testing program to get players into early patch builds and a “zero-tolerance” approach for cheaters using third-party apps to gain an advantage in the game.

Source: Patch notes
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Here’s some actual info on what’s coming.


  1. * Time-limited campaign/storyline, focuses on figuring out what happened to Merrick, the double-pegleg dude featured in the teaser trailer. Presumably ends with you figuring out how to summon the ‘Hungering Terror’ in order to try and fight it.
  2. * Two new items, the Drum (first percussion instrument) and Speaking Trumpet (a megaphone that lets you shout long distances to communicate with ships… totally won’t be abused…).
  3. * Tattoos and Scars become new cosmetic options. Also some unique cosmetics including a new figurehead that you can earn by participating in the event.
  4. * Flags that supposedly allow you to show your ship’s intentions to others from afar (totally won’t be abused to give a false sense of friendliness).
  5. * The only new ‘AI threat’ sounds like it’s the Hungering Terror, which sounds like it can only be summonable… so essentially it’s like a boss of sorts?

The content will obviously stick around but the story content and the cosmetic rewards tied to it will be gone once the event is over. Obviously we don’t know the finer details of the patch notes or if they plan on other bits and bobs as well.

Overall from what’s been told so far, it sounds positive in the sense that we get more tools to work with, but it doesn’t sound like there will be much real meat to this update unless hunting the Hungering Terror becomes a new repeatable content option.