Dauntless clocks 1M registered players as it launches its F2P open beta

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Dauntless has officially launched into open beta as of today. The co-op ARPG is free-to-play and out on PC, so everyone can basically jump right on in and download the 0.4.0 build.

“In Dauntless, players take up the mantle of Slayers. These brave warriors fight for humanity’s survival against ferocious beasts known as Behemoths, whose savage hunger to drain the very essence, or aether, from the world puts every life at risk. Equipped with powerful armor and weapons, Slayers will join up with others and adventure across the Shattered Isles to battle Behemoths together. After each battle, Slayers bring their hard-earned spoils to the frontier city of Ramsgate to craft, enhance and customize their arsenal to take on the next challenging encounter.”

Phoenix Labs says that it’s already counting 1M registered players – that is, slayers. The studio has promised “new expansions, adventures, deadly Behemoths and more […] on a regular basis.”

Source: Press release
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