H1Z1 has a huge debut on PlayStation 4 with over 1.5M downloads


Could H1Z1 be saved through the PlayStation 4? There is no doubt that Daybreak is banking heavily on the battle royale title striking big on the console — and it may do just that.

In the first day of the title’s free-to-play open beta, over 1.5 million players downloaded the game to give it a try. While definitely popular, the crush of players and 200K concurrency have caused issues, and Daybreak has been scrambling to deal with power outages, missing items, and other server problems.

“A huge THANK YOU to the 1,500,000+ of you who have joined us in The Arena since the H1Z1 open beta launch on PS4 yesterday!” Daybreak tweeted. “We’re continuing to work to resolve login and purchase issues, and are committed to bringing you a pure battle royale experience.”

The PlayStation 4 version of H1Z1 differs from the PC client with features such as “a radial weapon menu, grab-and-go equipment system, and no inventory management.”

Source: The OP, Twitter

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Where were these 1.5 million players before the Daybreak layoffs?


Makes me wonder if the first real AAA Battle Royale to come out will end up striking gold on a level above Fortnite or not.

Sally Bowls

Q: Could H1Z1 be saved through the PlayStation 4?
A: Let’s wait until June 6th to see.
Seriously though, it seems to me arguable that DBG has already been saved by H1Z1; that the only reason it currently has near this many people still employed is due to H1Z1’s success over these last few years.

Kickstarter Donor

Fortnite seems to be everywhere including the PS4 so H1Z1 will have to compete on it’s merits.

Jeremy Barnes

Tune in next week when there are 3 guys still playing it