ARK Park announces flight-centric freebie DLC for June


ARK Survival Evolved multiplayer VR spinoff ARK Park announced upcoming DLC this week. It’s a content-loaded update called Pterosaur Hill that’ll introduce air combat, new maps, and new critters to all platforms this summer – specifically, by the end of June.

“Air battles are a key component of ‘Pterosaur Hill.’ Players will be able to hop on a Pterosaur to show off their excellent air combat skills – then traverse the treacherous Death Canyon to find the nest of a fire-breathing dragon. ‘Pterosaur Hill’ also features new weapons and items to spice up combat. For instance, players will be able to equip a Tachi sword to slash away at overly aggressive dinos (the precursor to the katana) and a powerful shotgun perfect for dispatching large numbers of enemies.”

Three new maps that make use of the new flight mechanics, plus new modes of transportation (including hot air balloons) and new flying species will finish off the update.

ARK Park launched back in March; MOP’s Andrew Ross dived in and found it a lonely but exploration-centered romp with funky controls and an entertaining VR experience.

Source: Press release
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