Fortnite shows off development plans for limited-time modes and quality of life

This is a game in which you shoot everyone. Let's stress that.

Development continues on Fortnite, and that means the developers have lots of things to show off for the future. The latest development post is covering all of the things the developers are working on, including more limited modes like Playground Mode allowing you to focus on building while the match is going on. Don’t worry, though, the developers are also aware of how many people enjoy the 50v50 mode and are considering bringing it into a more permanent place in rotation.

Meanwhile, development is working hard on improving the feel of playing the game with a controller and improving performance across the game. There are also new plans for improvements to the minimap, improvements to spectator mode, and new markers to direct your group members to specific locales. Check out everything that’s coming in the latest post. There’s a lot of it and some of it is some ways off, but it’s all being worked on.