‘Hipster MineCraft’ Occupy White Walls patches in a new launcher and UI update


Ready to delve into the weird world of Occupy White Walls, which one outlet labeled as “hipster MineCraft?” The public alpha of the art-centric multiplayer game continues, with Patch 1.777 arriving on the servers this week.

The patch shores up some of the foundations of the game, such as a brand new launcher, an editing window for UI elements, the ability to place visitors at a certain spot when they spawn into your gallery, and “new awesome lasers assets, pew pew.”

The dev team attempted to describe the game in an interview by saying, “OWW is a new type of MMO for creative people in which the actual gameplay is creativity and self-expression. Different players will aim for different things; some will be all about in-game creativity — through building, designing and decorating their spaces — others will focus on discovering new art and curating their collections, while artists will aim to spread their own work around and directly interact with fans. All of this is happening within an abstract (and gorgeous) social experiment.”


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The Warhol one to the left is my favorite! <3

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I honestly tired of the word “hipster” … overused.

Anyway, few days ago on Daily Grind post asked about underdog MMOs, this one is, because it is different, people will even question if it is a game or not.

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

I believe that “outlet” was me, although maybe you were thinking of someone else. What I actually said was “I’m not saying it has the potential to be the hipster Minecraft but it might.” I also described OWW as “something like a mash-up of Landmark and The Secret World’s Museum of the Occult”. Just in case it’s not clear, I also really liked it. Just wish I had the time to play it more.