MMO Week in Review: Summerset and Worlds Adrift (May 27, 2018)

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The MMORPG genre saw two big launches this past week: The Elder Scrolls Online released its Summerset chapter for PC players (to positive reviews!), while Worlds Adrift hit early access (to concerned reviews over its retention-unfriendly PvP system, though Bossa says it’s working on that problem).

Meanwhile, we’re in the calm before the storm for one more night as Bless Online’s early access headstart kicks off tomorrow.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

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Toy Clown

It’s hard to resist the new shiny MMO. It really is! Seems my fondest memories come from the first 6 months in a game’s life where everyone is there happily discovering a new game together. I’ve resisted buying Bless, even though a lot of my gaming acquaintances from BDO are moving over. But at least there will be less griefers around BDO, at least while that segment of gamers is off trying out Bless Online.

Toy Clown

Massively has a Tip Line. Definitely give them this information if they don’t see it posted here.


I tipped it 3 days ago….

Nathan Aldana

Seriously. Summerset is the first time ESO has clicked for me as something I actually wanted to spend money on. Sure, the exp to time ration sucks noodles for quest there, but with scaling world that isnt a huge deal and I love that the quests feel like an actual rpg with the sheer amount of dialogue and actual player agency in the outcomes.

and theres just so many sidequests off the beaten path to go find.