World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth allied race unlock requirements, Mythic+ seasons, and more


News is flying fast and furious as World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’s beta test continues. Let’s catch up on a few details, shall we?

We now know the achievements required for unlocking the Dark Iron Dwarves and the Mag’hard Orcs, which takes an exalted reputation and a multi-stage war campaign each to attain. Don’t expect to unlock these on Day One of the expansion — or even Week One, for that matter.

Testers also poked around with the new and much more official Azerite traits interface, which replaced the temporary one that had been used up to this point. It looks really slick, the way you’d expect from a Blizzard UI. Another way that players will differentiate themselves from the pack is with reinstated utility buffs and debuffs.

Mythic+ dungeons were a big hit with Legion, and in Battle for Azeroth Blizzard is capitalizing on this with Mythic+ Seasons that include different boss affixes and player achievements. And if you don’t mind a few spoilers for the zones you’re about to explore, you can check out screenshots of Dampwick Ward and Hook Point over at Blizzard Watch.

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Erik Heinze-Milne

The more I hear about the expansion, the LESS interested I am in it. Extremely disappointing. Really seems like I’m not part of the target audience anymore.


This must be the first expansion where the new races that are part of the expansion pack (and slammed on the cover as one of the main features) require anything other than…purchasing the expansion pack in order to be immediately accessible and available

Not surprised by the trend, albeit were it been ubisoft or EA pulling this kind of stunts there would be blood on the street… blizzard can just get away with anything I suppose


You mean this cover?

All it shows is an Orc and a Human (going back to the original Warcraft 1 game). Allied Races are a feature of the expansion pack, not the “Main Event”. They are not “slammed on the cover as one of the main features”.


Blizzard have “humiliated” the subscription business model. So far the sub model was the one that gave you all content to play at your own pace… while the f2p content was creating annoyances in order for you to pay to avoid them…

Blizzard now uses time gates everywhere in order to make you stay subbed rather that create rich content that is difficult to completd and/or has great replayability value (like the old leveling).

Everytging now is time gated.. a new patch release… the campaign is 1 quest per week! LFR fully open up after 2 months! Reputations are only achievable through dailies (world quests)!

This is really pathetic… it is no different than shitty f2p mechanics… if not worse… at least on most b2p and f2p games i can experience the content on my own pace and not run like a mice on the developer wheel…


I got fed up with the flight requirements. You want to time gate it? Fine, but hide it behind a time gate AND incredibly grindy arbitrary reputations and achievements?

Pfffft… Games like FFXIV put WoW to shame when it comes to making your $15/m sub feel like it’s of value.
Like you said, WoWs content feels like they are just stalling to get your money.

The game should be B2P, but even then I can’t think of an MMO with a good B2P system (no, GW2s system is crap with their ever increasing push to gambling boxes and absolutely atrocious CS)

MMOs are sort of dead in my eyes and it’s a real shame. Personally it was GW2 and WoW that killed the genre for me. If I WAS to play another again, it’d probably be FFXIV.

Kickstarter Donor
Rees Racer

A very clever way to induce casual/returning players…
…uh, no.

None shall pass.jpg

Ahhh, nothing like doubling down on a shitty “mechanic”


Agreed. Nothing worse than reputation grinds.. Oh wait, yes there is. Time gated reputation requirements.


I finally opened the rep for the Horde Highmountain Tauren. I loved level scaling. Everything was great UNTIL I found out that Tauren are too big to enter some doors. That killed it for me.

I rolled another goblin, this time warrior. Level scaling was great up until around the 40s. It was at this point I wish I could just go to Pandaria.

At this point I’ll probably boost my warrior to max for BfA, instead of trying to make my way to Pandaria again. Really wish Blizz would level scale the entire world so I can go where I want.


Sadly i feel like blizzard half asses alot of what they do these days.

Player housing =garrisons/class hall..problem is nobody wanted that yeeet clearly their answer(for now) and not a good one imo.

Wardeobe functions= transmog overall nice buut initially .see the need for the void storage and it still is limited to the armor styles of your current class AND limits grey/white items meaning ni simple looks..also whole no holiday stuff outside holidays.

Theeen there is their answer to an AA system ..see the artifact system they now want to keep swapping out that will apparently reset every expansion.

Instead of sub races or new options on current ones we get Allied Races with very high requirements

Flying being reintroduced has crazy requirements to unlock(see ffxiv could just tie to quests and say zone exploration or tie it to pey lines in each area)

I feel like blizzard takes alot of good ideas tries to put a spin on them as they always have but current blizz just goes halfway ir limits styff too much to keep people playing longer(when a quality product instead of enforced grind gets the same effect)

Dug From The Earth

Im hoping the exalted rep comes naturally with the completion of the quest chains.

Grinding rep, for the sake of raising rep, is a piss poor game play mechanic, something that ALL games should steer away from


Sadly it won’t already hearing how it lands you somewhere around revered give or take..might be honored too.

This is their new way to keep people subbed sadlym drag out content and make it super grindy.

I didn’t mind it when i felt like the game was better made and leveling itself was an adventure buut these days i feel the endgame focus kills the adventure part annd making almost everything tied behind a rep grind is just bad design choices imo. I don’t mind rep grinds like ffxiv does with dailoes tied to cosmetics/sub factions..buut the way blizz does it these days by tying it to flying and allied races and gods only know what else.. jusy no.


The Zandalari look superb, will definitely roll a Druid once I’ve unlocked them.


More mindless grinding I won’t be doing


With the other requirements, if you’ve played consistently you probably have most of it done already, I don’t think this one will be much different. I haven’t checked the specifics of them since I don’t play anymore.


A grind to unlock a new allied race for which you’ll have to then grind levels for. It’s a snake eating its own tail.


Grindception. BWAHHHHHH!