Neverwinter’s Ravenloft menagerie should make you a bit more afraid of the dark

Doot doot?
It’s hard to be menaced by monsters in a game like Neverwinter. The whole point of the game is that every kill makes you stronger, after all; that makes it difficult to feel intimidated just because the monsters in a given area happen to be all skeletons or whatever. Which is why the latest development diary reveals that there are other reasons to be scared in Ravenloft. Sure, everything looks spookier, but these enemies are also smarter and faster than the usual.

Monsters in Ravenloft will be more frequent in their uses of special abilities and chaining attacks together; in addition, several of them will set up ambushes for players to snare the overconfident. Even worse, players will deal with a real change in enemy composition when the game changes to night time, with more lethal monsters stalking the darkened forest as the moon creeps out. So you might not experience true terror, but you will be a bit more scared than you were before.

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hm i might actualy play it now that bless proved to be bad.Its that or go back to swtor.
Im not sure how those new economy changes will work out though. They are reducing the rate you earn astral diamonds, but the old players (even more the old whales) have a shitload of money. There is no way for a new player to catch up.

Bruno Brito

It should, but it won’t, because i won’t touch this.

Everytime i try to play Neverwinter, while the combat system is good, i find how terribly grindy and close-ended the game is. You can’t multiclass, class fantasy is decent, but not what D&D is about for me. For me, character concept beats class fantasy ALWAYS, and DDO provides me that.

DDO gets to be as grindy as NW, tho, so i’m pretty bummed with both games.

Also, the P2W cashshop throws me off.