Rend is still on track for a feature-complete Early Access this year


The alpha testing for Rend has just recently begun, and as the game’s official Twitter account helpfully informed us, the game is still on track for its Early Access release later this year. Of course, distinctions between Early Access and alpha testing can be rather hazy at this point, so it’s a good thing that Rend’s developers have a roadmap both outlining the overall plans for the game and explaining that they see “Early Access” as the point when the game could be seen as complete without any further updates.

Eager to be part of the testing but not there just yet? Good news; the next wave of test invitations should be getting sent out along with the improved PvP mechanics update, which lines up with the first bullet item on the alpha development roadmap. So things are moving along quite nicely as the game’s development continues. If you’re excited for the game moving forward, there’s every reason to get further pumped up by the news.

Source: Twitter, Official Site

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