Worlds Adrift team recaps launch event in the sky and patch rollout

How does this need to be said.

It was no e-sports bus, but Worlds Adrift really did send players, devs, and journalists skyward in a floating… well, it kinda looks like the bottom half of a shipping container suspended with a crane over London, but we’re sure it’s fine. The studio’s weekend video includes clips of the guests for some reason playing the game in that position instead of totally freaking out.

It also includes a recap of the game’s latest patch, which included 100 new islands and the Kioki region. Bossa Studios further teases a look at development over the next few months and gently reminds players to leave positive reviews if they actually like the game (recent reviews are still sitting in the “mixed” zone). The CMs don’t mention the ongoing discussion between the community and developers regarding the game’s unchecked griefing.

And no, in spite of the title, Prince Charles was not really at the event. But it’s amusing nonetheless.

Source: YouTube

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I still threw a negative recommendation.

Game has poor ship design balance which has dramatic impact in PvP. Just way too easy to build an all-arounder ship that goes fast, has tons of armor and guns. Conversely trying to build a speed ship is frustrating because lack of weight has dramatic impact on crossing walls but is the only realistic way to outspeed the all-arounders.

They’re also still doing repeated wipes which is frustrating and makes spending time now to build up for later pointless since it’ll all just get wiped anyways.

Their customer service was fantastic though, enough so that I don’t plan to just write the game off entirely.


I’m all for giving a game time to “cook” if the customer service is good.


The game still seems to be going towards a “Mixed” score, though the devs managed to reduce the speed at which this is happening by, among other things, writing a customized, polite answer to most (or at least the most visible) negative reviews, including links to guides about avoiding the worst ganking/griefing.