H1Z1 zooms past 4.5 million downloads on PlayStation 4 and hands out free weapons

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Remember how H1Z1 was riding high last Thursday off of the 1.5 million downloads on the PlayStation 4? The battle royale game has actually sped up the pace of its success, zipping right past 4.5 million players as of Monday. Feeling magnanimous, Daybreak handed out free Blue Barbed Hellfire 4-6s to all players as a “thank you” for their patronage. You’ll only get one of these if you had logged in prior to today.

Daybreak sorely needed a big shot in the arm right now following recent company and title shake-ups, and from the vantage point of the first week of H1Z1’s PlayStation 4 version, it looks like it got it. With this pace, the game is quickly becoming one of the biggest titles on the console.

The battle royale title, which was modified and ported over from the PC, released last week on May 22nd. Since then, Daybreak has unlocked Duos for players to enjoy and made a slew of bug fixes to shore up performance.

Source: Twitter, VG247
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So what makes this console port of H1Z1 so popular as opposed to the PC version?


PC version was pretty popular before PuBG came along. Console players prolly getting sick of PuBG & jumping on the newest console bandwagon.


But this is free beta isn’t it? So how do they not still bleed money with this?

Henrik Boriths

How many BR games are there on the PS4 though and when will the competition release their console versions?