Revelation Online gets a WvWvW endgame with the launch of the Imperial Wars update

The endgame in Revelation Online is heating up today with the launch of Imperial Wars,’s latest content patch. The nifty part is that this is one of the content drops that really make an MMORPG worthy of the name, thanks to the fact that the “entire population of a server can participate in fighting another server for dominance of the Imperial Frontier.” It’s basically WvWvW.

“The Frontier map is the largest battleground in the game and hosts multiple castles, towns and camps for the rivaling sides to fight over. Each week two of the game’s servers will be locked into a series of daily activities on the massive battleground map, alternating between attacking camps, gathering intelligence or even taking down the Crystal Chaos beast for its resources. Players will need to participate in the daily activities to be eligible for the rewards in the decisive final confrontation at the end of the week! Up to 300 players per side can simultaneously join on the Imperial Frontier in the final battle held each Sunday.”

Today’s update also rolls out new hireable mercenaries, tweaks to the badge and rune system, and “new class optimization options to improve healing or damaging effects, reducing damage taken, to get the most out of the characters.”