Sea of Thieves’ Hungering Deep patch is now live

Anyone who starts in on the Jaws theme is fired.

Traditionally, piracy was chiefly concerned with finding other ships and taking the stuff on them for your own ship, but there’s no reason you can’t also indulge in a little bit of monster hunting on the side. Sea of Thieves will let you do just that with the launch of its Hungering Deep update today, with something big in the water that’s at least a little unfriendly. It’s big, it’s oceanic, and you just know you’re going to have to either fight it or carefully avoid it.

The centerpiece of the update is a time-limited line to explore the mysteries behind what happened to ‘Merry’ Merrick, with several items you can only get within a certain timeframe. Other additions will remain in the game over the long-term, but you’ll need to be actively searching to take part in the first rush of stuff. So hoist the sails and focus on tracking down some nautical rumors; it’s the pirate way, apparently.

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Sounds like it could be a fun thing to poke into. Guess we’ll see how folks respond to it soon enough.