Wild West Online’s reviews and concurrency sink as gun patch, novice servers roll out


Wild West Online’s reviews have continued to sink on Steam since the game’s surprisingly hasty official launch earlier this month; they currently sit at “mostly negative.” Steam Charts pegs its all-time peak (publicly accessible) players at 559, down to 174 over the last 24 hours and under 100 as I type this.

But the dev team isn’t giving up. Yesterday, it patched in several bug fixes and features, including new hair colors, plantation and hideout tweaks, and the new hot bar that lets players swap between their guns and “use certain items more conveniently in a fast paced shooter environment.” It’s also added something called “novice servers”:

“If players character are below level 20, and if ALL characters in a group are below level 20, they will be joining ‘novice’ servers. If any of the players in a group are level 20 and above, group will be joining ‘general population’ servers.”

Interesting side note: Steam no longer lists 612 Games as the developer of WWO. The developer is now listed as DJ2 Entertainment and WWO Partners. DJ2 Entertainment’s website lists Steven Bugaj, the (presumably former) CCO of 612 Games, as the CCO of DJ2.

Here’s a look at our most recent playthrough of the game.

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