APB Reloaded counters cheats, unifies versions, and rallies its community


Ever wonder if the developers behind APB Reloaded are looking at the current boom of battle royale-style games and kicking themselves for not having the foresight to get in on the craze? Always easier to direct things in hindsight.

At least there looks to be a path forward for the PvP title, what with the GamersFirst acquisition by Little Orbit. The dev team recently sat down to talk about the direction that the game is heading, including the decision to add Battleye to counter cheating, building up APB’s infrastructure, fixing mechanics, and unifying the console and PC versions.

This development will benefit the title, which is still sporting an active population no matter what you may assume. Rock Paper Shotgun sent a reporter in to talk to players about why they’re still engaging with APB with so many other options out there. One player said that he feels the title is “like a unicorn” with its unique features, such as the varied missions and creator.

APB has more of an e-sports like feel to it. But it also has its open world,” he noted.

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Excited for this!!

Chris Moss

It’s one of the most unique MMO’s I’ve ever played. Even for all it’s flaws there is so much fun to be had. If not for the shocking amount of hackers, I truly believe this game would be booming with players. There is alot of fun to be had, just customizing your characters, clothes, cars, hell even your own death theme. BTW I made a Robocop death theme XD

Chris Moss

I just got done playing a few matches tonight. This has me so freaking excited!!!!!!!!!!! Damn I love this game and want it to thrive


The only cheat Battle Eye can stop is Cheat Engine, and then only if you don’t use an injector.

Bruno Brito

GOGO LO! Now i’m waiting what they have in reserve for Fallen Earth.