Bless Online players riot and request refunds over missing endgame PvP, cash shop shenanigans, and duping as Steam reviews plummet


If you thought the Bless Online community was in meltdown after two days of early access headaches, wait until you see the reaction to the actual MMO once people started playing.

Reddit is currently aflame over several topics. For starters, the first players are already hitting level 45 and finding that the endgame content they expected based on what’s in the other regional versions of the game simply isn’t there. One poster rattles off an immense list of missing content, including arenas, battlegrounds, the PvP ranking system, hard mode dungeons, daily dungeons, and honor point system.

(Worth pointing out here is that we became suspicious about the state of PvP ourselves when no PvP was shown at the day-long press event a few weeks ago, despite studio claims that PvP was one of the game’s three pillars.)

All that’s led players to demand transparency from Neowiz, though so far, the studio’s implied it’s holding basic structural content back to roll out in updates.

Harder to dig up info on – for obvious reasons, since the mods are deleting threads on the topic – is the existence of a new dupe bug (not the same as the old dupe bug). Neowiz has reportedly acknowledged the bug and promised that it’s working on a fix, though it’s currently unclear how widespread its effects are and whether there will be a rollback or wipe as some players are requesting.

Still other players are agape at the pop-up that appears when you get into a dungeon; it offers players the chance to bypass travel for a cash-shop currency fee.

Neowiz’s most recent Steam update notes that it’s planning on rebalancing attack power versus healing. Reviews on Steam currently sit in the “mostly negative” zone as players throw around words like “fraud,” though Steam Charts is showing a 34K peak concurrency such that at one point it passed up ARK.

As for refunds, multiple players report they’ve been able to acquire refunds of the game long past Valve’s two-hour window.

Ah well, at least the memes are worth it.

Source: Reddit. With thanks to Pepperzine!
Update: Neowiz has now offered apologies, explanations, and compensation for the messy early access launch.

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You bougt an early acces game that flopped accros 2 or 3 regions.

And you were stpuid enough to believe it would be a good game here in the EU / US ?

Sorry… stupid can one be to fall for this obvious cashgrab :P

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I don’t know, I’ll just say it, I like this game.
The only thing I can’t give them is the optimization. In my experience there is no excuse for that. Otherwise I can chalk up the other stuff to early access. Missing classes = Early Access. Missing content = Early Access. Now I do understand that in lieu of focusing on optimization prior to a NA release, they have been focusing on this new combat system, so I am hoping that optimization is on the list. I believe that a good portion of these complaints could be removed with good optimization, and communication on a schedule of content to be released. I expected an Early Access game, but apparently other people did not.


Posted this on r/CamelotUnchained, reposting here cause I get tired of all the Asian MMO = bad comments. Reposting here.

Known fact: whatever your culture, there will be some media that’s fantastic, some that’s so so, and some that’s crap. In order to enjoy the fantastic stuff, you may need experience in that culture. This applies to every culture on the planet.


None of the fantastic Asian MMOs ever come to the West. They exist, but don’t get published here. We have different MMO cultures and have different preferences. Another way of putting this is: MMO gaming is different from Anime in the sense that our preferences for MMO’s don’t much overlap, whereas our preferences for Anime do overlap a lot. And why there’s any Anime in the West at all is because it was created by Asian artists in Asian countries.

Any fantastic MMO from Asian countries wouldn’t do well in the West because of our different MMO preferences, and skilled Asian devs know that.

So the Asian devs who make the good (but not necessarily the most popular) games* don’t try to bring those games to the West. They know what makes their game great, and they know that those features/flavours/styles/ways-of-interacting would take too long to catch on here, or maybe wouldn’t at all.

Some of the Asian devs who make so-so, mediocre, or bad (but popular) vanilla MMOs don’t think the same way. Because A) their games are more vanilla, the games are easier to modify, or there’s less modification needed. And B) their devs don’t care so much about the quality. This makes publishing the game in the West an appealing prospect. They don’t need to be too fussed about sticking to a particular “vision” and can be happily concerned with how to make money from something that was always fairly bland, no matter the context. So the mediocre devs dump their mediocre games here, and the many gems stay out of the West.

Games are art. MMOs are art. And like other art, there’s good stuff, bad stuff, interesting stuff, and middle-of-the-road stuff. This dynamic is the same in every culture.**

I think it’s at least possible that people here dislike Asian MMOs because all the ones that wind up in the West are their mediocre/bad stuff, and we never really get to play their great stuff.

*(I hope we all realize just because something’s good, won’t make it popular. And just because something’s popular, doesn’t mean it’s that good.)

**this isn’t because you “need bad art to appreciate the good stuff” – it’s just because that’s how humans are: we make stuff that’s bad, stuff that’s decent, and stuff that’s profound.


For MMOs, ‘early access’ pretty means ‘dud’, sadly. The most positive offshoot of Bless so far has been a big bump in GW2 player numbers.


Yeah, it’s been an interesting week in the GW2 community. The big influx of new players was surprising to many, and the community has been very welcoming and helpful (as it always is). You can go to the starter maps and see vets answering questions and handing out welcome gifts. The GW2 subreddit is full of newbie guides and advice.

Arenanet smartly took advantage of the situation, too, offering a sale on the expansions and posting helpful links on their Twitter.

Santiago Draco

Oh, and to all the “Emissaries” that were bought with “special access” who told everyone to buy…. I hope your lack of integrity and credibility bites you in the ass. As to those that were real and called out Neowiz for their inevitable shenanigans… kudos to you…keep up the good work.

Santiago Draco

Seriously, anyone who didn’t expect this kind of con game was fooling themselves. Pay cash to bypass the map? Seriously? Glad I didn’t buy into this. I learned my lesson with the other Korean scamfests like Archeage and BDO. Never again.

Brown Jenkin

Seriously do not buy this game right now. I was wary all along but decided to jump in at the last minute, figuring “hey, what’s 40 dollars”. The launch woes are normal and totally acceptable MMO problems… they are also not what I suspect folks are raging about. From garbage localization (embarassingly bad google translate… in the starter zone and tutorial) to zero effort optimization (this shut down the game in another region, how could you release like this) the cherry on the top of this poo mountain IMO has got to be the decision to cut action combat (or “delay” it in devspeak) for all but one of the game’s classes. Much like removing all endgame content, these’ aren’t “launch problems” this is stuff that should have raised alarms for *someone* running this project. Charging folks 40-150$ to test your project is not ok, especially while also having a subscription and an in game cash shop.

On the plus side, it gave me the rare reason to praise Valve. My refund was smooth and easy, it is nice to have *some* way to show developers your dissatisfaction now and then.


The Game is a Mess , Do NOT BUY right Now..wait it out you are just missing a Cluster-F right now..wait for inevitable STEAM sale in a few weeks for 10 bucks. right now its not even worth that This game has me looking back at Archage and saying ..maybe it wasn’t that bad…shivers……

Terd Ferguson

Yeah, after Aion, Tera, Black Desert, I gave up on Korean games, they are simply shit games that license unreal and make a generic cookie cutter asian MMO with fan service abound but no end game content to be seen.

Please for the love of god people stop supporting these shitty korean dev’s, they are cash grabs. I love MMO’s just as much if not more than anyone you know, but I have learned to stay away from asian games now, stick to western MMO’s, it’s a much safer bet. I’m kinda glad to see that it failed cause i chose to sit this out cause i knew this would be the case.


I am not calling you that. Your name is Burt Reynolds.

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Gonna build a wall?
Sorry man, it just came off a bit wonky when I read it, had to rib you a bit.

Chris Moss

Soooooo glad I talked myself out of buying early on this one. Watched a few Twitch Streams and realized really quick this was a disaster