Bless Online players riot and request refunds over missing endgame PvP, cash shop shenanigans, and duping as Steam reviews plummet


If you thought the Bless Online community was in meltdown after two days of early access headaches, wait until you see the reaction to the actual MMO once people started playing.

Reddit is currently aflame over several topics. For starters, the first players are already hitting level 45 and finding that the endgame content they expected based on what’s in the other regional versions of the game simply isn’t there. One poster rattles off an immense list of missing content, including arenas, battlegrounds, the PvP ranking system, hard mode dungeons, daily dungeons, and honor point system.

(Worth pointing out here is that we became suspicious about the state of PvP ourselves when no PvP was shown at the day-long press event a few weeks ago, despite studio claims that PvP was one of the game’s three pillars.)

All that’s led players to demand transparency from Neowiz, though so far, the studio’s implied it’s holding basic structural content back to roll out in updates.

Harder to dig up info on – for obvious reasons, since the mods are deleting threads on the topic – is the existence of a new dupe bug (not the same as the old dupe bug). Neowiz has reportedly acknowledged the bug and promised that it’s working on a fix, though it’s currently unclear how widespread its effects are and whether there will be a rollback or wipe as some players are requesting.

Still other players are agape at the pop-up that appears when you get into a dungeon; it offers players the chance to bypass travel for a cash-shop currency fee.

Neowiz’s most recent Steam update notes that it’s planning on rebalancing attack power versus healing. Reviews on Steam currently sit in the “mostly negative” zone as players throw around words like “fraud,” though Steam Charts is showing a 34K peak concurrency such that at one point it passed up ARK.

As for refunds, multiple players report they’ve been able to acquire refunds of the game long past Valve’s two-hour window.

Ah well, at least the memes are worth it.

Source: Reddit. With thanks to Pepperzine!
Update: Neowiz has now offered apologies, explanations, and compensation for the messy early access launch.
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