Bless Online producer apologizes for early access mess, promises content and dupe fixes are on the way


It’s safe to say that Bless Online’s early access soft launch is not going to plan. As we’ve been reporting, the Neowiz MMORPG has been suffering from crashes and downtime since its release on Monday, with players up in arms over the lack of content at endgame, duping bugs, PvP problems, and cash shop shenanigans. Reddit is understandably awash in complaints and refund notices.

That’s no doubt why Executive Producer Sungjin Ko is back on Steam today with copious apologies in tow. “We would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who participated our Head Start as Founders for the recent issues which resulted in long waits and many inconveniences,” he writes. In the short term, Ko says, Neowiz has been racing to get more servers online and curb the client, loading screen, patcher, database, looting, and launcher problems, all of which have been addressed. “Now we have expanded to six NA servers and four EU servers,” he notes, with more waiting in the wings.

The dupe bug is also a “top priority” for the team: “Once we can replicate this issue and solve it, we will let all of our players know.”

Ko also acknowledges player grumbling over the lack of content. “We understand that many players are disappointed that not all of the content they expected to be in at Early Access launch is there,” he writes. “We know that there is end-game content missing that many of you expected in this first Early Access build, given what’s available in the other versions of the game. Additions like the 15v15 PVP and new high-level dungeons will be added in 1-2 weeks’ time, with more to come soon after.”

As compensation for the ongoing problems, Neowiz has granted existing founders 2450 Lumena.

Get caught up on the Bless ordeal:

Source: Press release, Steam. Thanks, George!

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