Fortnite adds in a new vehicle, the shopping cart


There’s another popular battle royale game that has vehicles, and so Fortnite made the wise decision to incorporate vehicles into its gameplay. The first vehicle in question? The mighty shopping cart. Yes, you can now ride a shopping cart into battle. It features an engine as enthusiastic as whoever you get to push it, so it won’t roll far if you’re alone unless you have a good hill going. It also provides all of the armor of… a shopping cart.

On the plus side, if you ever wanted to spray weapons fire from inside of a shopping cart but your parents vetoed the idea as soon as you were loading Nerf weapons into the car, you can now do exactly that to your heart’s content. And if you wanted to record the footage of that and send it to your mother, you… probably won’t win any arguments, but you are still entirely allowed to do just that.

Source: Official Site via Kotaku
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