New multiplayer Pokemon games are headed for the Nintendo Switch with Pokemon Go cross-compatibility


There are new multiplayer Pokemon games coming to the Nintendo Switch, and just like Pokemon Go, they’ll bring with them motion controls for picking up the eponymous Pokemon. Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu will both feature similar mechanics for tossing pokeballs and capturing monsters, with several other features inspired by Pokemon Go… and the option to transfer the original 151 Pokemon from your Pokemon Go stable into the game.

Yes, all of that work you did roaming in the park to catch Pidgeys is going to pay off. The titles even are planned to include multiplayer, so just go out and catch every single Pidgey.

The cross-compatibility doesn’t work both ways, but Pokemon Go will still be celebrating by introducing the Alolan Exeggutor variant to the game along with the launch of these titles. This is the first Alolan form added to the game, and it should give you another reason to catch these particular monsters out in the world. Assuming you like giant beasts with three eggs for heads.

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